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Oneshot: Once Upon a Noisy Night

A little family fic.  Takes place when Atae is about 8 years old.

Once Upon a Noisy Night

Kagome put down her sewing as the door to the sleep room slid open.

“She asleep?” Kagome asked in a voice barely above a whisper.

“It’s quiet, isn’t it?” he said. Yukika, his one year old daughter, rested her head on his left shoulder, soft black curls instead of silver framing her face.  He turned around so that Kagome could check for herself.

She nodded.  With one hand, she nudged Atae out of the room.  “Go play in the other room, sweetie.  Sister needs to get some sleep.”

Atae flicked a silver-haired ear, nodded, and grabbed his toys, putting them back in his basket, and quietly walked out of the room.  InuYasha gently lay his daughter in her cradle-basket and covered her up against the cool night.  Kagome grabbed the lamp, and quietly, the two adults walked into the main room of the house, where they joined their son near the fire pit.

“Did I cry that much?” Atae asked.  His voice was very soft.

“Oh yes,” Kagome said, putting the lamp down by her sewing table.  “You didn’t like your human nights at all.  One time you didn’t go to sleep until sunrise.”  She moved over to the fire pit, and began making a pot of tea.  “You want a chimaki?”

The boy nodded, and she pulled out a box, taking several of the sweet treats and putting them on a plate.  Atae began building a mock fort out of wooden blocks. 

“No loud noises,” Kagome warned.  No matter how many times you kill the Oni King.”

Atae nodded. InuYasha began to tend the fire.

“Keh,” InuYasha said, as he added some pine to the low fire.  The room began to brighten as the wood caught fire.  “You still get pretty grouchy on your human nights.”

Kagome, putting the teapot and treats on a tray, moved near the boy.  She poured InuYasha a cup of tea, and he returned the favor.  “Like father, like son,” she said, taking a sip of the pale green liquid.

“Feh,” the hanyou said.  “That was different.  Humans and youkai were both trying to kill me.”

“Doesn’t explain last month,” Kagome said, handing him a chimaki.

“That was different,” he said, unwrapping the treat.  “Miroku - ”

Suddenly a wailing cry came from the back room.  With a sigh, Kagome got up.  “Maybe like father, like daughter, too,” she said, and headed to rescue her unhappy child.

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