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Actually, life seems to be moving in a pleasant direction.  My shoulder rehab is going excellently.  I got to start strength training over a week early because it's going so well.  Very little pain left, even when I change clothes.

the diabetes issue...well, I am doing a lot better than I expected.  I found out if I keep to a really low carb diet, eating lots of veggies of the non-starchy type, and very little in the way of grains, and exercise daily, and take my med, I can actually keep my blood sugar in the high normal/low prediabetic range.  I have sometimes sore fingertips, but it feels good not to have high blood sugar, so I am content.  The bit of pins and needles I was starting to get in my feet have backed off, too, and I've managed to drop about 7 lbs since diagnosis, and I'm moving around a lot more; I walk every day for a minimum of 40 minutes, and sometimes a shorter walk after breakfast, because no matter how low my fasting blood sugar is at wakeup, breakfast makes it spike higher than any other meal of the day, even if I don't eat any carb with it.  Must be a body rhythm thing.

This hasn't done my writing much good lately, because I've been way too busy worrying about how to eat and move and get better, but I think I'm at the point where now I can start integrating it back into life.

And I'll have a quiet house the next two weeks to do just that.  Hubby was dispatched to the Miller fire in New Mexico, near the town of Silver City, and I'll have lots of no distraction to get my schedule reorganized.

Welp, time to get ready for my evening walk!  Just thought I'd check in.
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