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The Muse Adventures of KK and Pink

OK, so it's true I posted an ad in Muse Daily.  Little did I know what havoc was going to follow....

The Muse Adventures of KK and Pink, Pt. 1

"Wanted: Muse, skilled at longer fiction. No short fiction or poetry muses need apply. Must be able to handle historical & fantasy, folk story motifs, angst and happy, married romance and non-sexual friendships along with mild erotica. Must work well with others and appreciate poetry."

There was a rustle of paper as Pink, my crazy pink easter bunny of a fiction muse rustled the pages of Muse Daily. "What the heck is this?" she asked, tossing back her sake'.

(Pink, for the record, drinks endless amounts of sake', champagne, and the occasional beer. I'm just glad I'm not her imaginary liver.)

"Uh," I replied.

"I thought we had a good thing going, KK," Pink said.  Her eyes glared at me.  If you've never been glared at by a four foot pink, drunk, anthropomorphic bunny, you don't know what willies that can give you.

"You know I love ya, Pink," I said.  "But lately..."

"Yes?" she said, adding nose twitching to the glare.

" know.  You keep giving me these great ideas.  We write the first chapter or two, and then you're off on another tangent." Her small eyes narrowed, and she twitched an ear.  "I just thought...thought..."

I needed inspiration fast. I could see I was about to have a muse volcano. A little red-headed fairy landed on my shoulder.

"She just thought you needed an assistant!" the fairy said.  "An assistant!  Someone to do the grunt work of followup while you do the creative stuff."

"Thanks, Cotton," I said to the fairy.  She might be full of cotton candy and liked spreading the warm and fuzzies everywhere, but sometimes, that's a good thing. "That's right, Pink.  An assistant.  Someone else for you to boss around- er, I mean direct."

Pink mulled this idea around.  "Hmm. Maybe it's not a bad idea. I get to interview?"

I sighed. "Yeah, you can interview." I tried to hide my look of defeat.  I mean, once Pink got through with them, what muse in his or her right mind would want to stay? be continued.
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