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A small snippet of I/K Squish

Not titled yet.  It sort of takes place the night of "Granted Wish," but doesn't actually fit into that story as written.  Short, only 171 words.  But at least I'm getting some writing out again.

The firelight shimmered across his chest, highlighting his hair with touches of red, and warming his golden skin.  Kagome reached out hesitantly to touch.  His hands wrapped around hers, large and strong.

She watched them for a moment, remembering what those hands had done for her, and how safe they could make her feel when everything felt like it was collapsing around her.  Her eyes looked up to meet his - amber, shimmering with words unsaid.

“Kagome,” he said, barely loud enough for her to hear.  “I -”

She reached up, brought her lips to his, brushing them lightly.  “I’m here, InuYasha.  For as long as you want me.”

He tried to say something, but couldn’t, and instead, crushed her to him, trapping her hands against his chest as his mouth found hers, pouring his unspoken words  in a needy hungry kiss.  “Forever,” he said, finally, as he released her just enough to speak, resting his forehead on hers.  “That’s how long I’ll want you.”

“Then,” she replied, “that’s how long I’ll stay.”
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