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Been a wild week...

Had an arthritis flare to start the week out.  Had to go get my pre-operation appointment on Tuesday, and realized that I am more stressed about this than I realized (actually, I'm not stressed about the surgery as much as the rehab, I suspect), finally got an appointment for the clinic that does lymphedema therapy (go to that on Monday.)  My ankles have swollen a little off and on the last month, so I suspect this is needful.  Got a nasty cramp in my left calf which pulled the tendon, finished chapter 1 of my big Hawk and Muirnin story, which most everybody is ignoring, but what the hey, this is life, and today I brought home a used weaving loom, one that'll weave about a 24 inch width of cloth, which is fine for what I plan on using it for; it's used but in good shape, and cost me about $1000 less than the new one about the same size I've been drooling over for years would have cost, so that's a cheery thought.  But I really won't be able to play with it until I get somewhat along in my post surgical therapy.    And I'm finally getting my little spinning wheel I bought for taking to reenactments tuned up and having the drive band replaced, so I can actually use it.  It impressed the guy who does the maintenance on spinning wheels at the shop I used...the person who put it together did a very good job, but evidently used parts from several types of spinning's kind of an international hybrid.  LOL!

My right thumb is not happy, but my hands are a bit better than earlier in the week, but I will be surely glad when the weather settles down.  I'm tired of being achy.  But one of my rosebushes is trying to break dormancy.  I'm looking forward to the change of seasons.

Devoured an interesting book on the clothing of Norse people, based on archaelogy, called Viking Clothing by Thor Ewing, having fun thumbing through The Highly Selective Dictionary for the Extraordinarily Literate, filled with fun big words and exhortations not to use some words in ways which are actually pretty common, and just started thumbing through The Viking Age: a Reader.  I still am failing at reading fiction, though.  Been trying to read Encrypted by Lindsay Buroker, which is an interesting little SF tale (and I know the author, even, a cool, interesting person), but it's like I can devour heavy science and histories, but give me light fic, and I have trouble continuing to read.  My brain is broken.

Now, back to under my rock for a little while.  Time to whip Pink into line so I can get some writing done...
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