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Drabble: Evening Plans

(I guess Inu wasn't going to let me hide totally under my rock after all.  So here I am, at almost 3 AM posting a small, waffy IK drabble)

Evening Plans

InuYasha walked in, shaking his long, silver hair and brushing white flakes off of his jacket.

Kagome looked up from her sewing, and set it aside.  “It’s snowing?”

“Like someone’s dumped a tub of it over us,” he replied.  “Hard, and falling fast.”

She got up, and moved over to a chest, opened it up, and took out a robe of dark blue.  “How odd.  I was just out there an hour ago, and there was nothing.  I even thought it was starting to maybe clear up.”

“Yuki-Onna must have had another idea,” he replied, moving toward the fire pit. “I was about halfway home when it started.  By the time I rounded the bend I could barely see the house.  Easy to get lost in it when it’s snowing like this.”

Kagome walked up to her husband and brushed his hair back into place with her fingers. Deftly, she unfastened the ties of his jacket. “Well, the Snow Woman won’t get you tonight.  I have other plans.” She helped him slip out of the jacket, and handed him the blue robe to change into.  “And those plans need you unfrozen and warm.”

As she hung his red fire rat suikan up to dry, suddenly there was a sudden gust of wind that rattled the shutters.  InuYasha, smiling wryly as he tied the robe closed, walked up to his wife, and put his arms around her.  “I don’t know if she liked your plans at all,” he said, nuzzling her ear. 

“But you will,” she said, turning in his arms to plant a small kiss on his chin.  “Just don’t let the fire go out.”  She broke through, and moved back to the fire pit to dish up their dinner.

“No chance of that happening,” he said softly, and contemplating the evening in front of him,  contentedly followed her.

A/N Yuki-Onna, the Snow Woman, is a youkai who comes up to travelers in winter storms and causes them to freeze to death.
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