knittingknots (knittingknots) wrote,

oh my...

I seem to be laying lower than usual.

Nothing's going bad.  I got caught up in twitter, where I seem to be hanging around talking to a lot of writers, the news out of Egypt, writing, getting some preliminaries out of the way before March when I have surgery on my left rotator cuff.  And actually reading fic - on my kindle (discovered it's easier for me to read than a lot of text, although I'll read anything, and much easier for my spastic left hand to support it's shape compared to a standard paperback book.  I get spasms in my hand sometimes if I hold a book too long.)

Seems I'm spending huge amounts of time playing with my original fics, too.  I am writing the occasional IK drabble but none this week so far, but I'm spending probably 90 percent of my writing time on stuff that's not really fanfic, although a lot of it has folktale/mythic overtones. 

I am around everyday, even if I am not writing as many journal entries on a daily's not like I'm gone...just semi-lurker...
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