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Drabble: Good Sense

Just a little IK fluff for the morning...

Good Sense

The lightning crashed, its light flashing through the small house.

Kagome looked up from her sewing and chewed her bottom lip.  She didn’t like thunderstorms.  She liked them even less when her husband was not at home, and it was just she and her baby at home.  The boom of the thunder followed close after, rattling the building.  She glanced at the sleeping infant.  One puppy ear twitched a little at the sound, but Atae slept on.

“Well, at least one of us can relax,” she said.

Putting her sewing aside, she walked across the room and slipped out past the hanging mat door and onto the verandah beyond, and looked up at the sky. The rain was pouring down.  Off in the distance, lightning flashed again and lit up the clouds.

“Oh, InuYasha,” she said.  “I hope you had some sense.”

The lightning flashed again.  Suddenly, she saw very wet silver hair and red clothing standing in front of her.

Kagome cried out in surprise.  “Baka!  I should have known you didn’t have the sense to stay out of the rain.”

“You think after traveling all day I was going to let a little thunderstorm slow me down?” He leaned over carefully and kissed her gently on the lips.  “I was thinking maybe you might have some dry clothes and dinner for a tired husband.”

“Maybe,” she replied.

Suddenly there was a loud flash followed by the sizzling boom of a lightning strike near by.  Kagome jumped into InuYasha’s arms.  Realizing what she had done, she pulled back, and saw how wet she had gotten just hugging him.

“Maybe make that dry clothes for two,” she said.  “Why don’t you take off your wet things out here so we don’t water all over everything inside?  I’ll go heat the soup.”

Chuckling, he unfastened the ties on his jacket as he watched her walk back into the house.  With her jumping into his arms with every crash of thunder, he thought it was very good sense indeed to be home when it stormed. 

“Wouldn’t miss it for the world,” he said to himself, and carrying his wet things into the house to hang up in the entryway, went to see what else the evening would bring.
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