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Drabble: Post-Heroics

A little IK moment.  I put it in the Summer of 1564 in my story timeline.


“Your hair is a mess,” Kagome said, pulling out a twig that had gotten tangled up in InuYasha’s silver hair.

“Feh,” he said, wincing just a little as she worked the comb through a tangle near his left ear.  “You get knocked off a tree branch by a crazy tengu and roll down into a thicket, and see what it does for your hair.”

“I think I’ll pass on that one,” she said, finding another bit of crumpled leaf, and adding it to the small pile of sticks and leaves she had managed to brush out of his hair.   “My hair gets tangled enough without that, thank you.”

She combed the fine white silk of his hair for a few minutes more until she was satisfied, and put her comb down.

“So, can I take my bath now?” the hanyou asked.

“Only if you take your clothes off here and leave them on the porch.  I don’t know what you fell in, but I don’t want that smell to get in the house.” 

“You don’t wanna know,” he said, unfastening the ties of his suikan.  “Be glad you’re not the one wearing them.  Smells worse from where I’m at.”

She stood up.  “I know your fire rat cleans itself, but I wonder how long before it gets rid of that?”

“Couple of days, maybe,” he said.

He handed her the suikan.  She picked it up gingerly, and stared at it like it might bite her before dropping it into a basket.

His kosode was marked with big brown stains.  “We could burn this if you don’t think we can get the stains out,” he said.

“We might,” she replied.  “Hakama off, too. ”

“Maybe it’ll take three days. Think you can deal with me running around with no clothes that long?”

“Only if you can scrub the smell off in the bathroom,” she said.   “Otherwise, you sleep with your clothes.”  And turning, she went into the house.

Throwing his hakama on the pile, he followed her in, hoping fervently that she had something to get the smell off his skin.

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