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More writing insight....

I just realized I've been obsessed with comparison/contrast mode.  Most of the longer stories I've attempted have done this, long before I discovered InuYasha.

Slaps Pink's hand for being repetitive.   

Now, I am plotting a story that has absolutely NO comparison/contrast.  We won't know who the bad guy is until the end.  That's gonna be a change of pace.

Looks at twwltnw, which is still in cooldown mode.  Wonder if it'd be useful to write the braided bits (cause of course, *giving Pink the evil eye* I have comparison/contrast between the bad guys and good guys) each separately as much as possible.  That story is gonna be long by the time I finish it, I just know it...

Must be insight day.  Wonder what the Mercury aspects are?  LOL.

I also gave into the reality that I plot a hell of a lot easier using pen and notebook.  Put a card table behind me, have a notebook there, and if needful, can put my other laptop up there as well.  I'm actually getting a lot done!  Amazing!
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