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Sometimes you get an explanation...

that makes things click in your head.

Once, when I was reading Spinning in the Old Way, a book about drop spindling, all the problems I had using topwhorl spindles went away.

I'm not much into "how to write" books; not saying they don't have useful info, but sometimes, I have the suspicion that their real purpose is to make the writer money rather than answer my questions, and with my tendency to go overboard on research rather than do, I have to be careful not to get caught up in the study. 

But yesterday, I read a little ebook called Story Structure Demystified, and suddenly some pieces of the puzzle just clicked. 

I love that feeling.  I don't know if it was how he explained it, or just that I crossed some threshold about thinking about story structure, but there I was - suddenly the light bulbs went off and I moved from intuitively knowing some of this to having concrete ways of thinking about it, the vocabulary that meant something and a mental picture that made hard sense.   I mean, I already knew a lot, like when I read that book on spinning,  but this put it into a way that all the terminology, jargon, and other things I know about literary structure snapped into place.

I love moments where all the little bits and pieces in my head suddenly come together. 
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