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Drabble: Union and Reunion

rather M/MAish rated short short I wrote for Hentai_contest.  Takes place Kagome's first week back

Union and Reunion

They lay beside the fire pit, their bodies glistening in the flickering light.  InuYasha smiled down at a languorous, aroused Kagome.  Her blue-grey eyes opened up as he ran his fingers lightly across the white skin of her thigh, pale and warm.  She gasped, and he could feel the goose bumps rise as he brushed her skin as he let his fingers continue ghosting upward over her hip, until they cupped the heaviness of her breast.

She moaned, and then grabbed him by the hair, pulling him over her body, spreading her thighs to welcome him in.  Once again, as his hardness touched her wetness, he was amazed at just how fast his life could change from rejected and lonely to completely fulfilled.

Fast is good, he thought, as he sank into her body, but not when bringing his lover pleasure.  That was worth taking his time to do.
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