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So there I was....

So there I was, bouncing from this computer where I was perusing the usual: what's going on at LJ and DA and keeping half an eye out on a couple of forums where people are panicking that Miroku's going to die because he's evidently reiterating his promise to marry Sango after Naraku dies, and reading yet another silly fanfic where Inu and Kagome after too many miscues swear eternal love (but with a fairly different approach to the ever-present mating rite, that seemed more magical and less like the Vampire Lestat meets the Tales of Genji than usual), and the laptop in the other room where I am working on three different fics, with varying degrees of success, in part because when I go in there to work, my dear hubby keeps finding the need to follow, and the next thing I know he's making all sorts of noise, and I drift back in here.  (I put that all in one sentence?  Help!  I'm being possessed by the ghost of William Faulkner!  Anyway, I digress).

So there I was, when I heard it, like a soft, sweet purring, saying "Pick me know you want to."  I tried to look away.  I said, "But it's winter, and you know what happens if I play with you in winter."  But it just replied, "But look, how soft I am.  Think of me, wrapped around your fingers.  How  I'd flow, smoothly across your hands.  How warm,  how natural, how you know just what to do with me.  You know you can't resist.  Just do it."

I closed my eyes, and felt the shuddering temptation run through me, how my fingers itched for it's magic - ah the sweet tension, just always so natural in my hands.  Unable to resist any longer, I picked it up.

O the sweet feel of knitting wool in my hand!  Grabbing 4 double pointed knitting needles, I quickly cast on the 48 stitches I would need.  Now, my spare moments will be filled with the sound of clicking needles and the swish of wool pulling over my left hand as I loose myself to the rhythm of knit 1 purl 1 until I get 4 1/2 inches of tube knit.  And then the real fun begins as I start shaping the thumb hole for this fingerless mitt....

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