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Poem: Amid the Evergreen and Snow

'Tis the season of the bleak midwinter,
when fall the shortest days of the year,
Amid the evergreen and snow,
I bid thee all a time of cheer.
Do no listen to bare branches
or mind the wind and ice and snow,
for now again the sun progresses
and now each day will only grow.
Be of good cheer in winter's dark;
it will not always be so gray,
Spring but sleeps in Winter's mantle
resting for the coming May.
Amid the evergreen and snow,
I bid thee all a time of cheer,
for soon we'll know the sunburned season
that mark the longest days of the year.

I'm sure the scansion is off; I didn't count any syllables, but it was just a little something to pass the time
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