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Drabble: Winter Night, Winter Wishes

My Christmas Eve gift for those who like my IK fluff

Winter Night, Winter Wishes

The moonlight glinted off the snow, pristine and white.  It had been snowing all day, but now, the sky had cleared, the stars had come out and the moon rose high overhead, casting an unearthly gleam over the landscape.  Nothing yet had tracked the snow and it covered everything, hiding all rough textures under its blanket.

Kagome stood on the verandah, wrapped up in a blanket, thinking about what this night would be like back in her childhood home - all the noise and lights, and sounds, and urges to buy and hopes for Christmas eve love wishes that she and her girlfriends would sigh over, and compared it to the crisp silent night in front of her.

She took a deep breath, and thought of her mother making New Year’s preparations, and the scents and smells of what she thought of once as home, and felt a brief pang of longing.  Suddenly a warm hand rested on one shoulder and another wrapped around her.

“What you looking at?” a soft voice asked.  The breath tickled her ear.

She rested her arm over her husband’s.  “Just looking at the snow, and thinking.  It’s really pretty out tonight.”

InuYasha kissed the top of her head.  “Looks cold.” He pulled her closer to him.
Kagome nodded.

“But peaceful,” she said.

“It is that.”  He nuzzled her neck.  “No monsters, no aggravating kitsune or nosy monks.  Sleeping baby.  Nothing to disturb us. Just me and you and the moonlight.”

They stood there for a moment, enjoying the night.  An owl flew silently by, its wings catching the moonlight.  Nothing else moved.

Kagome leaned back into her husband’s arms. “I was thinking about how where I come from we filled nights tonight with noise and lights,” Kagome said. “I think we forgot what was important.”

“I’ll tell you what’s important, woman,” InuYasha said, letting his fingers trace a path along her body. “I’ve got the bed laid out.  Time to get you out of this cold and into the warm.  Don’t want you getting sick.”

She laughed a little.  “I think you have something else besides getting me warm in mind.”

“Well, Atae is asleep,” he said.

Kagome let him lead her in, knowing her Christmas eve wish from those lonely years was perfectly fulfilled.

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