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This was funny....

It's an article in the Guardian about jokes around the world, a bit about how alike we are, how it colors our experiences, and how our experience colors our humor...many jokes from various places, supposedly typical.  Most, since they pick on various groups, aren't LJ PC.


(I was amused by the assertion that the women in Afghanistan tell jokes about the rather small boy bits of the taliban...LOL.  Definitely humor is one of those things which helps us keep going in bad times)



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Dec. 7th, 2010 09:50 pm (UTC)
oh yeah, the good old French jokes. Certainly the most used, but... we also have other joke subjects... Some are about making fun of men, women (only men laugh because THEIR jokes are more than macho most of the time, while our jokes about men are just teasing), making fun of blonds women, or simply make a joke starting from... nothing in particular. Take me and my best friend. We managed to make a joke (still laughing about it event though it was made last year)only by going to an Irish pub and drinking Hydromel and Guiness...
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