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Ah, Happy Thanksgiving!

We did our Thanksgiving on Tuesday, because hubby is going to PA to hunt with a friend of his, and he leaves tomorrow.

Was a really pleasant day.  I only had one kitchen prima donna moment (yes, I am a kitchen prima donna, and I live with an adult son who is oblivious to the fact that the kitchen is either Mom's domain or she ain't using it, and that you shouldn't do food prep without a cutting board on the tablecloth she's serving dinner on.  But then I realized I was stressing out needlessly and was able to take it down a notch or two, and though I was concentrated, was able to get everything out in a fairly calm mood.

I hadn't cooked a big company holiday meal in several years, so it was kind of interesting, fun, actually.  I had a table where I had snacks, with dips of humus, spinach dip, cheese spread, and a relish tray of various olives,pickles and cheese.  We had two types of pie on the buffet, pumpkin, of course, and my hubby's special recipe peach pie, made with peaches we preserve ourselves.

The main menu was pretty traditional for a Southern girl like me:  roast turkey, cornbread dressing made from my passed down from mother to daughter family recipe, baked yams, cranberry sauce,  fruit salad (my favorite one, made of crushed pineapple, mandarin oranges, coconut and sour cream),  green bean cassarole (yeah, the one with the fried onion rings),  and as a special treat, a tray of deviled eggs.  We had gravy, but I forgot to bring it to the table and nobody seemed to mind.  We also had sourdough bread, but nobody wanted any of that. 

Good company - a close friend and his son, the son who lives with us, and hubby and me.  Good talk.  A nice bottle of a Idaho vintage Riesling  wine (they make surprisingly good wines in western Idaho, I discovered) to keep everything mellow.  It was one of the nicest Thanksgiving meals I remember in years.

Hope your Thanksgiving goes as happy!  Have a great day!

(now back to wrapping up that Nanowrimo story.  I'm in the middle of the climatic battle scene.  Took 2 days off, and let my work count per day drop for a few days....I currently at 52148 words.  Soon, soon, I will be able to write The End and  then decide what to do next!)
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