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Nano update

Had a really nice day writing...finished some of the setup for a really important scene to start, where the heroine will discover why all these weird things are happening and finally, eventually, meet the male protagonist face to face, in the same place.  It's sort of a twist (a weird twist) on the sleeping beauty motif, where she's the one to release the hero, instead of the hero being the one to release her...

anyway, today's output was 3465 for a total of 


I have the sneaking suspicion that the rough draft is going to be more than 50,000, cause we have a fair amount of ground to accomplish after he's released, including a big fight that echoes something in the distant past, but which turns out much differently this time around, and I've crossed the 75% complete level already.

But I'm not quitting and calling it done until I can honestly type "The End" at the bottom.  I can be stubborn that way sometimes. 

It's rough, uneven, the characterization changes during the course of the story, and it'll take some major surgery to make it presentable once it's done, but damnit, I'm getting to the end of this draft, no matter how long it takes.
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