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Snark Monster attack 2: The Ballad of Rin and Sesshoumaru

Let me tell ya friends, bout a girl named Rin
Who loved to go pick flowers after she was taken in
By that cold whitehaired inu no one thought could ever feel
Cause his daddy died and left him with the bad end of the deal
Tenseiga that is
healing sword
not worth a darn.

One day Sessh's brother InuYasha came his way,
Kaze no kizued him , nearly took his life away,
There he was a-resting, almost knew that he would die,
Until this little beauty came and caught his woeful eye
orphan child
all alone.

She tried to make him happy by helping him get well,
Stealing fish to feed him, she got beaten up like hell
Still she came and smiled at him, beaten, bruised and sore
Something that he had to say he never saw before
Hero worship
Quiet child
Sunny smile

Next thing you know,  ol' Kouga comes this way,
Hungry wolves were searching, and she could not get away.
They brought her down to darkness, but did not get to eat --
Ol' Sesshoumaru found her as he looked down at his feet.
Broken child
Smiles all gone
Cold and dead.

Tenseiga the ol' sword that he despised pulsed in his hand,
He saw the goblins that would take her soul out of this land,
Then quickly he knew just what his heart wanted to do,
Sliced them up to ribbons and then little Rin came to.
Smiling child
back to life
not so quiet.

But now that evil spider man has taken Rin away
Sessh now has to see how he can safely save the day
Chase that ol' Magatsuhi out of her poor little frame,
Send that evil spider back to where he got his name
Hell that is,
Naraku land
for girl flower power!

(to the tune of the Beverly Hillbillies, of course)
Tags: poem snark sesshoumaru

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