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Nano stuff....

So yesterday, I was feeling really exhausted...I managed to reach my personal goal, which was to break 20,000, and I did, ending with 20,113 words to date.  I only did about a little more than 2300 words, which, after days I have done an average of about 3300, was a drop back in total output, but I needed a break, and so watched anime last night (FMA and Bleach and part of Cowboy Beebop) and read two chapters of fanfic stories I hadn't realized had been updated.  Even went to sleep an hour earlier.  I woke up alert for the first time in several mornings..

But I have finished chapter 10, and now am on chapter 11, another bad guys chapter.  They seem to go easier than the protagonists chapters.  Funny how it's easier to write about people being wicked and enjoying it than it is to write about people being good but finding themselves in grief or weird situations....So it's on with the show, and we'll see how far I get today!
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