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Getting a late start today...

But I've started writing.

A whole 55 words.  That wasn't very much of a word sprint.

But I finally saw last night, as I was laying in bed trying to fall asleep how I'm going to slide into the climax, and what the climax will look like...and I am going to get to use a modified part of the motif in the beastly bridegroom folktale pattern, along with the twisted sleeping beauty one I've been using all along...It's not that far from my original plan...but I did have to reorganize and move some scenes around.

I even got a glimpse at how I should do the denouement...

Pink must really want me to finish this story.  Now if she'd just wake up, so I could get moving today.  I was really hoping to hit 20,000 words today.  We'll see if I make it.
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