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And the minutes count down for the start of Nanowrimo....

Other people are thinking halloween thoughts, I'm thinking writing thoughts...not just the story I'm going to tell, but my environment, too.

Went to the store for some last minute supplies.  Saw a small Torii gate, from which hung a medallion for tranquility.  I bought it. My stories are not in any way or shape connected to Japan, but if the powers that be who control writing want to give me a sign like that for the nano, well, I'll take it.

I've decided to attempt to do most of my writing in the loft, which is my space.  I claimed it for crafting, but I have a very nice office desk up there, and a computer that is not on the internet.

I will bring my phone with me so I can check my gmail and have access to google and wiki...that may help keep me off my browser of 40 + tabs so I can focus.

We'll see. 

I bought  snacks and water and this new energy drink with is made by the Reeds company (the one that makes such good ginger beer)...the caffeine source is green tea, and it's stock full of ginger...a can of instant mocha cappachino for those moments my tummy can't handle real coffee or I just don't want it...olive loaf and salami that I have hidden from son, and the only candy I got are apricot and apple thingies.  And only 1 small box.

I've never prepped this much on a story before.  I've had a good time with it already, and I am def ready to go.
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