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Nanowrimo prep....

Yep, I am planning on disappearing into the vast void of storyspace that is the Nanowrimo come November.

Things I have done to prep:

collected 150 pages of folklore and anthropological tidbits that are related to my story so I won't spend endless hours searching the internet for this when I should be writing -- Check!

Updated my monster list of names (and I mean monster...something like 346 pages in my word processor) to keep me off the net looking for just the right name while I'm writing -- Check!

Added Led Zeppelin's Mothership to my playlist of things to listen to -- Check!

Added a bunch of Nanowrimo buddies so I can't slip beneath the radar -- Check!

Downloaded and installed Storybook to help me keep track of things -- Check!

Have a place to work offline when temptation not to write gets too much -- Check! (and thank goodness for flash drives)

Named leading characters and important locations to keep from time sink problems later on -- In Process, sort of Check

Finished plot outline (er...worked on it, but not quite checked)

Finally got Pink to agree to focus on one story -- Check! (she better! Or I take away her champagne and truffles and give her watered sake and leftover popcorn)

Wow...a lot more together than I usually go into these things...I must really wanna finish this time!  LOL.

Now, back to the making notes salt mines...
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