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You know you're going nuts....

You know you're going nuts when you look up 16th century Japanese firestarting techiques cause you're irritated at reading fanfics written by people who have absolutely no idea how to start a fire without matches, but you know enough about firestarting techniques you have to find out if it was done by flint and steel, flint and pyrite, fire drill, fire saw or or fire piston.  What method would InuYasha or Miroku or Sango use?

Now my next question is, did they make the fire IN tinderboxes like Europeans did, or did they just carry firestarting stuff and use it in the firepit....

I've been a reenactor too long.

My hubby's nickname in reenacting circles is Sparks.  He really likes to make fires and collects reproduction historical lighting devices.  The earliest style we have is a repro of a viking era fire steel.

I did find the answer to my questions, too.  A translation of a book written by a Jesuit in 1585.  Fairly sophisicated fire steels, embedded in wood, and flint.  Flint often held in the right hand and used to strike against the fire steel.

Fun to find the answers.  But I must be weird to come up with the questions....

Various Shinto shrines used (and may still use) fire drills of a variety of type to make ritual fires.

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