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I am pathetic today....

I actually have chosen to do nasty housework chores (a/k/a cleaning out the refrigerator) rather than sit down and write.  And yesterday, I mopped instead of write.  But I have continued to research and work on my nano project's development...I just haven't been able to make myself put it on paper or screen much yet.

But hubby, who's been in Utah working at a wildfire as an information officer is on his way home even as we speak...perhaps that was the missing piece of the puzzle...

But I have chosen the name of my heroine; she shall be called Drifa.  I am still looking for the names and personalities of the bad guys and the hero.  But progress is being made.

I've managed to pull together about 130 pages of info about folk customs and folk tales and myth as background material ( is wonderful for stuff like this), and have gone through some interesting texts:

Norse Mythology by Lindow.  I have a long experience with Norse material; it's been a long time since I first read the Prose Edda, and I have a copy of the Poetic Edda and have read most of the sagas, too, but this is a handy dictionary of various deities, heroes and important texts.

Visions of the Cailleach by Sorita d'Este and David Rankine -  a survey of myth and legend about the Caileach in Celtic legend and folklore

The Great Fairy Tale Tradition selected and Edited by Jack Zipes.  This is a Norton Critical Edition that contains many  tales with notes and a small selection of critical essays.  Haven't read it all, cause I am mostly working on certain story motifs, but it looks like a good edition to my collection.

The Uses of Enchantment by Bruno Bettelheim - a psychological look at fairy tales.  I've only read a chunk of it, pertaining to the area I'm playing with.  I can get lost in stuff like this, so I am putting it on restriction until later.

It's been fun digging up this or that, but I'm now at a point that further research will become an end to itself, so no more.  Time to clear out a corner to sit and think and scribble notes, I suspect.  And finish writing this bit of fairy tale I started that's going to be an important piece of the back story.  Maybe once hubby's home, I can write more than a couple of sentences on it a day....

I think I'm getting into the mode.  My desire to play with anything else has faded into nothing...Fandom seems less than interesting.  Even writing original stuff beyond this is choked right now.  Perhaps the focus monster in my head is getting ready to kick in....

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