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Cleanup Duty, Chapter 2

Well, Cleanup Duty turned into a 2 part story.  Don't ask me why.  Muses decided it must be so.

Cleanup Duty, Chapter 2

The late afternoon light filtered into the bathing room from a high window.   Although for the moment, The air was steamy, and there were few noises except for the occasional sound of water swishing.

Although the room was quiet now, there was evidence of earlier activity, with a wet floor by the bathing stool, and in one corner, two basins sat, one holding white cloth, the other red.  Two clean kosode hung up on pegs on the wall, and towels awaited on their stand, but otherwise, the room was peaceful, calm, and warm.

There was a gentle sound of water swishing, and in the tub, source of the steam, Kagome leaned back against her husband’s chest.  Her hair was wet, and plastered against her hair, but she wore a contented look as she snuggled against him.  InuYasha wrapped his arms  around her and pulled her closer, disturbing the coils of silver and black hair that made interesting tendrils floating on the water.  His hands drifted across her abdomen, causing her to shiver a little.

“So,” she said, “How does my hair smell now?  Any trace of oni left?”

He ran his nose over her wet hair then dropped down to nuzzle her ear.  “Smells all Kagome,” he said. “Just the way I like.”

The air from his breath tingled against her ear and she leaned her head to the side exposing her neck. “You’re good at cleanup duty,” she commented.

“I try,” he replied, as he took advantage of the angle of her neck and planted a small row of kisses along it, which pulled a small moan from her.

She let her hand trail along the hard muscles of his thigh.  “I just hope my clothes come as clean as you got me.”

“If they don’t, ” he said, letting his hand cup her breast, “We’ll get one of the village women make you a new set.”  His thumb brushed across her nipple, and she breathed in sharply at the sensation.

“Maybe we should get out now,” she said.  His hand brushed against her thigh; she rested her hand on top of it.

“Good idea,” he replied, and lifted the two of them up.

“We have to go get the kids soon,” she noted as he walked her over to where their towels were waiting.  “It’s not fair to leave them too long with Sango.  She wasn’t expecting all this.”

“I will,” he replied.  “But I have something else to do first.”

“Oh?”  Kagome replied.

He began drying her off with a towel.  “Final inspection for my cleanup duty.  Just to make sure you’re clean enough.”

“Will I have to take another bath when you’re through?” she asked, wiping his chest off with her towel.

He pulled her hard against him and let his lips brush across hers, deepening the kiss until he could feel her begin to melt against him.“Oh, maybe,” he replied.  “Give you something to do while I go down to Miroku’s.”

She reached up and kissed his chin.  “Hentai,” she said, smiling.

“Just for you,” he replied.  And then he kissed her again.
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