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RL medical adventures, Pt. 2

Well the meeting with my surgeon went really well.  I like him.  He told me that 85 percent of women with my condition need no further treatment after the surgery, so I'm hoping everybody sends me all the vibes, crossed fingers, prayers and other things that this will be so in my case.

Today, I'm getting to do one of those delightful lower gi preps, although, they assure me, it's easier than the colonoscopy's something like the equivalent of 18 doses of laxative over the course of the afternoon/evening.  Clear liquid diet.  I will certainly be ready for the happy juice come tomorrow.

Surgery is at 9:30 tomorrow.  If they can do it laproscopically, I'll be in the hospital overnight, but on my feet on Thursday.  If for some reason they have to do it with an incision, I'll be in the hospital 3-5 days.

Amazingly, all the tension I felt yesterday is gone, although I'm probably tenser than I realize.  Nonetheless, I'm ready to get this thing done!
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