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Shakes fist at brain chemistry.....

So yesterday was a good day...level mood all day, no weird crampy stuff that made me take a pill, and I was productive...wrote a poem,  Thinking of Athena, a short fic based on the King Arthur legend called Victory Party, about the night Arthur's sister seduced him and conceived Mordred for the hentai_contest  comm, and started an Inu fic called Intended Attentions, which I finished off this morning.

Then, for almost no reason, I get the weepies.  Someone said something which unintentionally got my mind thinking about the big red zone in my head I've marked "do not go there," mostly related to doing research on my particular cancer (at this stage, it'll get me more emotional, and I'll just scare myself silly - I know general stuff about what's going down, and I refuse to ramp up with what if's -- and this morning's reaction was proof positive that that is correct.) 

Someone else suggested that beyond the big headtrip of knowing I have a tumour, that I may be getting hormonal issues, considering it's dealing with the uterus, and I suspect it's right.  I described it to someone as being in PMS most of the time right now...but I never had outrageous PMS, and this isn't really deep and dark, just moodswingy.  I'll cope.

Beyond that, I've gotten set up to do some simple embroidery.  I pulled down my embroidery stand which I haven't used in a long time, and once I dust it off, I'll start working on this project...just some southern belle style sunbonnet girl pillow cases.  If my hands are up to it, after that, I may try some needlepoint.  I love doing (or used to, anyway) fancy needlepoint that takes more than just basket stitch...

And I will say now, once more for the record, I adore my husband.  He's been my tower of strength and so supportive.  And he's a good cook and makes me laugh.  It's no wonder I'm given to writing happy married couple waff....Definitely my tribute to him.
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