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Oneshot: Intended Attention

Yes, dears, a little IK in the morning...

Intended Attention

The full moon shone brightly across the night landscape.  InuYasha, his silver hair touched by its pale light,  stared at it for a moment, then closed his eyes, feeling its power course through him, and his youki rise in response.  The full moon always did this, tugging on the part of him that was magical and not human, sharpening his senses, intensifying his hunger.  Sometimes he barely noticed it, other times it almost consumed all that was human in him, but this night, it was somewhere in the middle, impossible to ignore, but not enough to make him run into the night.

That, he decided, was good, because on this cool autumn night, his wife was expecting him to bring in enough firewood for the night.  Somewhere, an owl called out, and his ear twitched at the sound, but sensing nothing out of place, he picked up one last piece of wood, and walked back into the house.

Inside, the shutters were closed against the autumn chill, shutting out the moonlight.  Dropping the load of wood into its cradle, he bent down over the fire pit, stirring the fire with a stick, then added another log and chips of pine wood for more light.  While he worked, Kagome slid  the door to the sleep room closed and walked towards him. He stood up, brushing off any stray chips on his jacket into the fire pit as he watched his wife moved towards him, admiring the way the light played across her skin, her hair, the curves of her pale blue robe.

He took a deep breath in, letting her scent fill his lungs, feeding his own internal fire.  “Little guy’s asleep?”

She nodded, smiling, brushing her fingers across his cheek. “He was tired.  You must have worn him out with all that playing after dinner.  He fell asleep before I got to the end of the Peach Boy story.”

Kagome started to turn towards her sewing table, but before she could sit down, his arm wrapped around her, and his free hand brushed the side of her neck, softly and gently, moving towards her shoulder.  Her head tilted as his fingers moved down, and she shivered lightly at his touch. “Your youki is strong tonight,” she murmured.

“Keh,” he said. “Moon’s full. Come here, woman.” He pulled her closer.

Her eyes were warm and responsive, but she placed a finger over his lips.  “Be quiet,” she said softly. “I just got Atae to sleep.  You don’t want to wake him up yet.”

Nodding, he ran his fingers through her hair, his lips brushing against hers. She breathed in sharply as his mouth found the sensitive skin along her neck and his hands drifted down to deftly loosen  her obi, which slid to the floor. “That’s why I gave Atae so much attention,” he said. “So he’d sleep good while I gave Mama all the attention she needed, too.”

“Or is that all the attention Daddy needs?” she asked, giggling.

“That too,” he said, parting her robe and finding her lips again.

And even though they were not quite as quiet as Kagome thought they ought to be, InuYasha was right.  Atae never woke up to check on his parents once.



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Aug. 18th, 2010 04:59 pm (UTC)
Very nice.
And def my fantasy right now.
(not that the boy won't wake up, but that he goes to sleep to begin with!)
Aug. 18th, 2010 08:00 pm (UTC)
None better than Full Moon Fever
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