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Finally got husband to use his new computer.  So when will I start using my better computer instead of this system which drives me crazy?

I do use the other system some.  I probably need to switch their positions on the desk.  This is the easier of the two to reach.

But now, I'm getting the laptop working, so I can write without giving in as much to the temptation of MM and FF and DA....distractions are so....well....distracting  I am so weak..

Pssst!  Word out of badly machine translated ch2 blog seems to say someone we thought died last week may not have...we'll know more this evening, I think, when we get to see the Chinese scans or maybe even if Patches gets to see the Japanese raws early.

Someone will certainly be on patrol for such clues.

Google translates Kagura's name as "Shinto music and dance"....That truly amused me.  Kohaku is translated as Amber, but I knew that.

Shinto music and dance
caught up in a windswept moment,
glowing like amber,
do you watch what they did to the boy you longed to save?

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