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So today....

No traumas, no big moodswings (yesterday, I felt like I was on a short cycling bipolar syndrome roller coaster.)

Did my physical therapy.  I'll do it on Wednesday, and have the therapist do an evaluation on Friday, and then we'll wait until I recover from surgery to finish whatever I might still need to do for that left shoulder.  It's a problem with my bicep tendon, mostly in the short head tendon side, which has greatly improved over the weeks I've been doing it.  Maybe next spring I'll get to kayak again.  I probably am nearly ready for it now...and I was thinking about doing some serious archery.  But that's going to wait for this winter, I suspect, at the local indoor archery range.
(Yes, crazy sedentary Mama KK loves to do things like kayak and archery when she can get in good enough condition to do it...3 years of obsessive InuYasha fandom really killed my physical conditioning.  This was the year I was supposed to get that back, and had made some serious progress until lately.  A bump in the road.  But I am determined, if possible, to get back to the outback and haul my fat ass up some more mountain trails and do some of these things again....)

Beyond that, I've been getting the urge to make things again.  Bought some stamped pillowcases to embroider.  Now I have to go up into my craft area and see if I have enough floss in the right colors...if not, a trip to Joann's is in order.  I'm starting to look at my looms with longing, not quite enough longing to get me to pull out the warping frame yet, but it's getting close.  Stringing a loom is major work, but once you're there, weaving is such a pleasant activity, and I haven't seriously worked on a project in years.

To stave that off, I've been playing with some lovely white roving and one of my drop spindles.  That has been bleeding over into my writing...Today I wrote a poem, and then turned it into a sort of essay about women's history, continuity and fate...LOL.  It was rather pleasant.  I don't do essays very often.  But how often can you blend personal experience, handicrafts, history and mythology together?  Irresistible.

For now, I'm counting off the days, writing poetry, spinning, and thinking about the things that must be done this week to get my ducks in a row.  I go do my pre-op visit with the surgeon on August 30th...I would like to do something nice on the 25th, for my birthday.  Not sure what yet...We'll see.

My greek stories, my stories about Hawk and Muirnin are just sitting on the backburner.  Even He and She have deserted me...But I'm sure all that's happening now will be more food for the muse later on.

Ah life, you are so interesting.

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