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Greek Mythology Flashfic: La Divina Fanfiction

Wrote this originally for the comm hentai_contest .   It's sort of a modern day take on the story of Aphrodite, Hephaestus, and Ares love triangle

The god of war stood before her, his eyes devouring her. "You're alone?" he asked.

She nodded, her golden curls dancing as she stepped up to him. His hand traced fire down the side of her white neck.  The beautiful goddess of love's breath caught as she gazed into his eyes, hooded and hungry.

"Now," he said, catching her hand.  His other slid to the perfection of her cloth-covered breast.  "Don't make me wait."

"What about..." she said.

"Don't even think there," he said, giving a short, hard laugh, and dragged her closer to his body.  His mouth plundered hers as his hands swept down her back, stopping at length to fumble for the knots of her belt. "Forget your husband," he murmured.  "There's only room for two in your bed."

His mouth trailed hot kisses down her neck and onto her snowy white bosom as he lifted her up and carried her to....

Aphrodite heard footsteps behind her.  She suddenly pushed her monitor button off.  Hephaestus stood behind her, fresh from the bath.

He smiled at her, a warm and cheery grin.  "Anything worthwhile on the net?" he asked. If he noticed the flush in her cheeks or a touch of excitement, he ignored it.

"Oh, nothing much.  Eros and Psyche sent an email invitation to dinner next week."  She frowned, and her husband laughed, walking up behind her.

"You would think after 3000 years, you'd learn to appreciate your daughter-in-law," he said, breathing in her ear.

"Some things never change with time," she said, only pouting a bit.

He kissed her earlobe and  gently draped a necklace around her throat, fine gold filigree twisted in delicate arabesques.  "I made this for you this afternoon while waiting for those stupid oil field engineers to hurry up with their staff meeting.  Wonder if they'll ever get any sense. Hope you like it."

She picked up a mirror, and admired her image, then turned around in her seat and took him by the hand, placed it over her right breast.

"Let me show you my appreciation, husband," she said, and led him away to the bedroom.

Later that night, Hephaestus, the clever craftsman of the gods, sat at his own computer as he uploaded another document to   It still amazed him how Aphrodite loved reading this trash, but long as she enjoyed "Love and War: The Further Adventures of Aphrodite and Ares," he'd spend his late nights writing them. The hell with the threats Ares was sending him. The payoffs were worth the lost sleep.
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