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I have spent the day....

I have spent the day being a history geek.  Yeah, I played with writing this morning, but then, I started grooving on The Aegean Bronze Age by Oliver Dickinson, wishing it was at least 5 years more up-to-date than it was, but it's a serious book discussing the archaelogy of Minoan and Mycenean Greek sites.  I especially focused on what we know of the religious practice; I have a chapter on trade to read next.  It's quite good for what it does, and has a fair number of illustrations.  One of the things that amazed me was cups, one handled cups, that were in the shape and pattern of modern tea and coffee cups.


Much more fun to read, and that I got in the mail this afternoon was Barry Strauss' The Trojan War.  He works on the premise that Homer reflects real Bronze Age traditions, then goes about showing what he thinks the war would have been like, based on the motivation, the economics, and the ways of war in the Bronze Age area the conflict happens, blending a lot of finds by archaeologists and historians.  It's quite a good read, and I devoured over half of it.  It's also heavily noted, with plenty of stuff for me to do more digging from if I want to.  I found it interesting that he also cites Dickinson's book.    And his book was copyrighted only four years ago, so the material covers, albeit not in the same depth as I might like, stuff that was discovered since Dickinson's book was written.

My history geek side is purring.  And asking for more.  LOL!

Pink, always the cynic, takes a long swallow out of her sake bottle, wipes her mouth, and says, "You've had your day off.  Back to the writing!"
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