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After a really nice day, hubby and I came home from the store, and son had once again burned something in the kitchen.  This time it smelled particularly foul, like burnt rotting garbage or rotten meat...and my stomach immediately reacted.

And the twerp wouldn't get out of the kitchen. I just wanted to roll up into a ball.

So I forgot my lovely dinner of shrimp and salmon and rice.  I was suddenly, nastily sick.  It  takes me sometimes three days to get over my digestive tract gets burned by whatever gets pumped through my system.  I took all my meds, valium and prevacid and an anticholegic and something for pain, crammed down a dry hamburger hoping it would calm down the reaction and fell asleep for nearly two hours...but my wonderful evening plans with hubby were shot.  Stupid nose.  Stupid tummy.

Shakes fist at the kami of digestion and evil rotten food smells...still a bit nauseated, and of course can't find the antinausea med.

I still feel bleh.  But maybe a little bit less.

Def a case of the best laid plans of mice and men....
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