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Flashfic: Castaway Thoughts

Oh, Odysseus feeling sorry for himself....

Castaway Thoughts

Odysseus thought of them, sometimes, as he sat on a rock overlooking the sea, watching the waves roll in, the men who sailed with him, even Eurylochus, who caused his ship to wreck, and was the reason he was on this island anyway.

He missed them.  He missed the noise and the banter and the jokes and the arguments and the intrigue and the pettiness.  Something would remind him of Perimedes or Polites, and his heart would lurch, and then the what ifs would hit. 

This day was no different.  He threw a pebble at the ocean and shook his head. No use, today, chasing after the ghosts of might-have-beens.  All his sighs wouldn’t change one moment.

“Stuck on an island of women, offered youth and immorality, and dressed like the gods themselves, and all I can do is be bored,” he said, sighing.

Getting up, he turned away from the ocean and walked back to the path to Calypso and her sad eyes.  At least there was sex.

FYI:  I'm now working on 3 series (or collections, more properly) 

He and She (I don't post these regularly here)  Waffy collection of stories about an unnamed man and woman, contemporary setting.  Good fast reads for that warm and fuzzy feeling.  So far there are 23 of these.

Tales of the Muses' Garden  where I'm starting to collect all my pieces that involve classical mythology.  Some of these have been posted here, and a few of my first Greek pieces are not included.

And new:  Tales of the Hawk   This is a collection of short pieces I've started that involve characters I'm developing for a Sword and Sorcery story.  None of these vignettes are part of the story plot, but it seems a good way to get to know my characters better.  Only 2 so far, but expect more.
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