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Just for Fun....

I ran some more of my fics through the I Write Like software (Thanks to a nudge from seeing Rachel Maddow running Sarah Palin writing through it and finding what they ran came out like Dan Brown) and ran some of my favorite pieces through it.

According to the I Write Like machine,

Future Legend is written like HP Lovecraft.

After the End is like JK Rowling

An Afternoon in Mushin's Garden is like Cory Doctorow

Accidently, One Summer's Afternoon
is like Stephen King

Granted Wish is like Anne Rice

Once Upon an August Day is like Ursula K. Leguin

And my most recent favorite piece, (not IY, but based on Greek mythology) The Taste of Irony, is like Arthur C. Clark.

It seems to be all over the place. I really wonder about the data on their analysis....

the I Write Like page is here:

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