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Snark! How about a bad poem contest?

How about a cheesy bad Inuyasha universe poem contest?


I'm obviously bored.


Well this is cheesy, but I wrote it a few days ago:

Tentacle Love

I've been plotting all night, my hand's itchy to feel
That black jewel power that makes me squeal
Magatsuhi calls, says I need you here
Those stupid dogs have come, then I'm shifting gear.
That Miko's calling standing right in front of him,
I get the itchin' as I'm standing right above,
I don't need no orders at all.
I got a thing I call tentacle love
It wraps around her o so fine, tentacle love.

With some apologies to Golden Earring for letting Naraku get anywhere near Radar Love

Cheesy Haiku

A fleshy white spear
Clear sign of a twisted mind
tangled mikowards

I'm still obviously bored (no pun intended)
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