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Drabble: Somewhere Cooler

Takes place in 1563,  shortly after Family Picnic.  Wow...I wrote IK two days in a row!

Somewhere Cooler

It was a hot, humid summer afternoon.  InuYasha lay in the shade of a large, leafy tree, his head pillowed by his rolled-up jacket.  Almost asleep, his drowsing eyes opening up once in a while to look up at the patches of blue and cloud that floated above the tree’s gently swaying branches.  A butterfly flew by, investigating one of his ears, which flicked the insect away.

Suddenly his revery was disturbed by a sudden impact, about the size of a child’s body, landing in his middle.

He raised his head and opened his eyes, to stare into the laughing amber eyes of his son.  He wanted to frown.  He tried to frown, but the image of Atae almost nose-to-nose with him caught him off-guard.  A drop of sweat was rolling down the boy’s forehead, threatening to roll down his nose.

“What ya doing, little guy?” InuYasha asked.

“It’s hot, Daddy,” Atae said.

“I know, son,” he replied, sitting up, and pulling the boy in his lap.  It was then that his son was dressed only in his fundoshi.  “Where’s your clothes, little guy?”

“Mama took’em off of me.  She said we should all go swimming!” he said, rather excitedly. 

“She did, did she?” InuYasha replied.  “I thought she was going to check up on Aunt Rin today. ”

“Too hot,” Kagome replied.  “Too hot even for Sesshoumaru.  He took Rin off somewhere cooler.”  The hanyou looked up at his wife, wearing a dark blue and rather short kosode and sandals.  She held out her hand and Atae left InuYasha and took it. “Bet it’s a lot cooler down by the stream.  You coming?”

InuYasha stood up, and dusted off his hakama.  “Cooler?  Wonder where that could be?”

“I don’t know.  Maybe higher in the mountains?” Kagome shrugged. “Jaken didn’t volunteer much.”

“Maybe he went to visit his mother,” InuYasha said, bending down to pick up his jacket. “I’m sure she’d give him a nice frosty reception.”

Although she tried, Kagome couldn’t help but snicker.
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