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Flashfic: The Final Challenge

Odysseus at the end of the Odyssey.  A little something I wrote while waiting for my blasted ISP  to get back on line this morning.  It's number 12 in my outpourings of flash fic pieces for dA's Flash Fic Writer's Month.  Pretty waffy, if you ask me.

The Final Challenge

Odysseus cupped Penelope’s cheek. Even in the flickering lamplight, he could tell.  Time had taken its toll; he could see it written on her face, in fine lines around her eyes, her lips.

Her eyes, though, they were the eyes that he remembered, that had encouraged him through all the dark days to reach this point.   They watched him, thoughtful, perhaps a bit hesitant, definitely wanting.  So much time the Fates had taken from them, and he knew it  - time to lose who they really were to each other and become slightly acquainted strangers.

No matter, that.  He knew her heart, knew its ways, its secrets, its wisdom.  They would find their way back to who they were to each other.  He had braved too much, faced monsters and the dead and gave up immortality to be with her again, Penelope, the love of his youth, his rock.  

His lips touched hers, and he felt her hesitancy begin to melt. Reconnecting with her was his one last challenge, and this one he looked forward to.
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