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Writing journal 6/30

Been a while since I wrote one of these.  Well, I keep plodding away at something or other every day.  My last one was dated 5/27.  Since that time, I've written

16 poems
5 pieces of fanfic
3 vignette pieces of my He and She series

a few more notes on the outline of  the Hawk and the Silver Spire and maybe 100 more words on chapter 1

part of a chapter for something I don't know what it belongs to.  Right now it's at about 600 words.  It either ties into the Hawk story or another put on hold idea in a totally other story universe.  I wait for the writing Gods to make a decision.  They've been rather slow about the whole thing.

In some ways, I feel like I'm spinning my wheels.  I'm getting a lot of feedback on my poetry on dA, and that's making Poetry Muse purr, but I really want to work on these longer stories, and it just seems I'm blocking myself.

But when blocked on one thing, I guess the correct thing  is to just keep writing.  So I persevere with my strange fear of long fic.

I see that the hit counters at, and probably on FictionPress are down...that used to put such a cramp on my writing.  But since my fanfic output seems to be running at about 1-2 pieces a week here lately, or even less, it's not such a work stopper any more.

Wonder when they're going to get that bug fixed? 

Tomorrow, one of the groups on dA begins its flashfic wrimo....I'm signed up for it.  Now if I can just get Poetry Muse to let Pink get some face time....she's been very greedy of the writing space this last month....

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