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Welp I did it...

After one more day where I didn't get enough written and hubby chatting (to be honest, even when he's quiet I have trouble relaxing enough to write when he's in the room) I went and ordered a laptop, so I can go into the other room away from him and the internet.  Popped for 2 day shipping, too

I will have to share  When he goes out on a fire assignment and wants to take pics, he's supposed to get to take the laptop with him so he can download his pics.  But then, I won't have anybody talking to me. 

He's only been home 2 days.  I've had a minor traffic accident while waiting to pay for parking at the airport (hubby was driving).  Some kids broke boards on my fence and my goldens ran.  My geriatric golden got stuck in a large empty irrigation canal and had to be rescued.  WE couldn't find her at first, but hubby finally spotted her.  Her daughter, who used to run the worst, came home on her own.  So we have fence repairs to do, on top of everything else.  My dogs are chipped, but the db has our old address info, which doesn't do me much good, One of'em is nearly 10, and the other is close to 15...

The pressure to write is building up and will burst out like Kagome having a temper tantrum pretty soon...Maybe I should just sneak off somewhere with a notebook....
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