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Vignette: What Adam Told Eve

Just a little bit of He and She vignetting for warm up as I turn to more serious writing, but damn, if I don't have a finished piece every few days, it makes me feel unsatisfied...

They sat around the kitchen table in companionable silence, he reading an outdoors magazine, she gazing out of the window looking at her garden, and the mountains beyond.  In the center of the table was a bowl of apples. 

Without thinking much about it, she picked up an apple.  It was a Fuji apple, one cheek quite red, the other side much paler, streaked with yellow and red.  Watching a sparrow dash in among her mustard greens, she brought it to her nose, enjoying the scent.

Two other birds flew down from the neighbor’s willow tree.  The three of them hopped through the vegetable garden. She bit down on the apple.  Suddenly, the birds flew off as their neighbor’s dog started to bark.

She took another bite.

The crunch caught his attention.  He looked up from his magazine, peaking over the top of his reading glasses.  As she brought the apple back up towards her mouth, he grabbed her wrist, brought the hand towards his own mouth, and without asking, took a bite.

“There’s more apples,” she said, snatching her hand back.

“Yours tastes better,” he replied.

“I bet that’s what Adam told Eve,” she commented, and pushing her chair back, walked out into the garden.

“Maybe so,” he murmured. Smiling, he went back to his magazine.

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