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When I was in college, I was sort of into the Hunting of the Snark.  Well, not all the way, although I have read it.  Nope, I was into the line:  "Some snarks are boojums, you see."

Boojums.  Now, they will make you up and disappear forever.

What I want to know is if you write the perfect snark, wlll everyone who reads it just vanish down the maw of said hungry snark?

The idea's been done, kind of.

There was a 40s sf story where they created the perfect pun that made the German army just go crazy.

There was the Monty Python skit about the perfect pun

And then there's the old adage I learned at SF cons: the perfect pun results in the instantaneous death of the punster.

But what if it wasn't the writer.  What if the words had transmogrified into a boojum?  What if the boojum was a soul snatcher?

I swear I haven't been reading the King in Yellow!  Nope, nor the Necronomicon mists from the madness of Cthullu have come near my brain in probably 20 years....hmmm....either it's too close to Halloween or my hubby's been away from home too long.  But he's coming home today.

Of course, all I"m really doing is delaying having to get up and wash the dishes and make the bed...or even worse, start writing on EIMH....but what the hey...
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