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Poem: Midnight Game

A slightly different version of this poem was in the last challenge at IYhedonism.  IK, of course. 

Midnight Game

She smiles to herself
peaking out from behind
dark, sultry lashes,
pretending to sleep
as she watches him
watching her
beneath the full moon’s light
pouring through the window.

Arching a little for his benefit,
she lets her robe fall open,
flashing white skin in the pale light,
a bit of rosy aureole –
his right ear tweaks
and his amber eyes grow large
as she shifts a leg,
almost revealing
her dark-haired secret place.

Almost there, she thinks,
as she watches him  breath deeply,
his hand clenched into a fist
claw against palm
and lets her hand drifts down
delicate fingers across pale white thigh.

Suddenly, he pounces.
Content, she kisses him hard –
mission accomplished.

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