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It's Wednesday.....

So it means it's time for Rinne!  Off to go read...




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Jun. 16th, 2010 11:39 pm (UTC)
Interesting story. This one was more complicated. First they had to show her she was dead. Then they had to find the person whom she was trying to hook up with. The key was Yuki-kun. This told them that she needed to apologize to a man. The man turned out to be Yuki's father whom she went to meet in her sister's place. The cat recreates
Yuki from 25 years ago as a hologram. Ranko realizes that the love song he wrote for his twin was awful and kicks the hologram.

She now has no lingering affections to tie her to this world and is ready to go. What she does not realize is that her sister fell in love with Yuki at Ranko's while she was comatose for 3 months. Rinne does not tell her this and hurries to get her to the wheel of reincarnation.I
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