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Shakes fist at local cable company....

Hopefully I can shake my fist at it for the last time.

We're in the middle of changing our internet from cable to fiber optic dsl.  We have the service in our house, but we still have to string some phone cable from the jack, across the room and tack it up.  Hubby wanted to do that before we kiss the cable internet goodbye.  Probably today.

So of course, the internet went down for hours last night.  While I was in the middle of chatting to people, too.

This is soo much why we're changing providers.  Curse you, cable company and a big razzberry for when I see you out of my rear view mirror.

(And it's not like I live in a small, backwards town.  I live in the state capital in my state, which is also the largest city.  Grrrrr....)
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