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Shiver Woman Shiver

OK, this was inspired late by the Shiver challenge, but I couldn't finish it last night, and this is what it turned into this morning.  My Halloween poem

Shiver, woman, shiver,
beneath the pale moonlight,
a touch of youki  raises hair,
though nothing is in sight
piercing eyes are watching you --
glittering, sharp, and bright.

Shiver, woman, shiver
as you walk beneath the trees,
Is that rustling that you hear
just branches in the breeze?
Or as you search the shadows,
is he smiling as he sees?

Shiver, woman, shiver
as red blends into black.
you hear a sound, you turn to look,
there's nothing at your back --
he sniffs the spice of your unease
as you walk the shadowed track.

Shiver, woman, shiver
as a shadow slips behind,
a sardonic smirk, a flash of eye --
you look, but cannot find,
a silent footstep follows you
tugging at your mind,

Shiver, woman, shiver,
he walks softly behind you,
feel his breath hot on your neck -
what now will you do?
Feel the tingles down your spine
in electric midnight blue.

Shiver, woman, shiver,
as his breath stirs in your hair,
a single claw runs down the neck
you offer to him there,
atand there absolutely still -
breath softly if you dare.

Shiver, woman, shiver
as he whispers in your ear,
how odd, the pounding of your heart
while he makes his message clear
whispering a thousand dreams,
he tells you his only fear:
"Don't forget the Ramen!"
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