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Writing journal: 5/27 a (discussing 5/26)

Yesterday was mostly a wash as far as writing went.  I did do parts of 2 Inu fics, but that was about it. 

Got all excited about going to AnimeFest  in September (bought my plane ticket and made room reservations) and I went to the gym, and got hooked into watching the video and discussions about the BP oil rig, and the writing muses decided to be bad - left me with two fics that didn't work the way they were and ignored all ongoing projects.

This morning, though, I fixed and finished one of the Inu fics, and almost have the other one done, and an idea for a short original piece, so maybe today won't be the wash yesterday was.  Bleh.  Haven't even started trying to salvage the first person messes that have been plaguing me.  We'll see what happens.
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