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IY Oneshot: Midnight Storm

She wrote a fanfic!  Takes place late Summer, 1562 in my time line

Midnight Storm

InuYasha’s dreams were troubled, filled with visions of blood and loss and fire. Suddenly, he found himself in a world totally different from that of his dream.  He was lying in a dark, quiet room filled with the scent and the steady breathing of his wife laying next to him and a gentle midnight breeze that carried the scent of rain and not death.  Suddenly, there was a flash of light outside.

Shaking the fragments of the dream out of his head, he sat up, brushed his silver bangs out of his face and covered his face with his hands.  Off in the distance, his ear twitched as he heard the slight sound of thunder rumbling, and the trees near their house swaying in the midnight wind.  He stood up, moving noiselessly across the room, then quietly opened the door mat and stepped outside.

To the east, lightning lit up the clouds.  He watched it as it drew nearer and the wind blew cooler, lifting the ends of his hair. The door mat rattled, and soft footsteps drew closer as a brilliant flash of lightning lit up the sky.

“A storm’s coming?”

InuYasha turned and saw his wife standing there.  Kagome’s face was cloaked in the shadow of the night, but as the lightning flashed again, he saw her eyes looked at him, concerned, but not worried.  He moved closer, brushed the back of his knuckles gently across her cheek, then turned back to look at the sky.

“Yeah,” he replied.  “Did I wake you?”

“No,” she replied.  “It was the lightning.”

Thunder echoed across the night, followed by another flash of light. 

“It’s beautiful,” she said, leaning her head against his shoulder.

He wrapped his arm around her. “Long as you’re watching from a distance,” he replied.  “It’s like watching a tengu fly.  They’re beautiful in the air, but when you see them up close, they’re uglier than hell. It’ll be nasty once it hits.”

  She slipped her hand over his.  Thunder rumbled again, this time louder.  “Maybe we should go inside.”

“Yeah,” he replied.  “In a minute.”

They stood there watching the storm draw nearer until the first raindrops began to fall.  Then as Kagome tugged his hand, InuYasha followed her back into the house.  Once inside, she lit the lamp. A crash of thunder rumbled close by.  The hanyou stretched out on the futon watching her as she closed the shutter to the window and fastened the door.

 “Why’d you wake up?” she asked, settling down next to him on the bed.  She flinched as the thunder crashed again.

“Bad dream,” he said, wrapping an arm  around her.

She took his free hand, laced her fingers between his.  “Not all storms are outside,” she said.  “But after the storm, the weather’s usually much better.”  She reached up and brushed her lips against his.

He drew her closer, and let the kiss deepen.  Suddenly there was a bright flash of lightening, followed by a boom of thunder.   The door to the back room slid open. 

“Mama?  Daddy?  The storm woke me up,” said the little boy with the doggie ears.

“Scared you?” Kagome asked.

Atae nodded. 

“Me, too.  Come here, baby.”  She held her arms open, and the boy snuggled down between his mother and father.

InuYasha threw his arm across his wife and son, and kissed Kagome gently on the forehead.  “Weather may be better after the storm, but getting there sometimes takes a while.”

“Yeah,” Kagome replied.  “But it’s easier when we’re all together.”

“Yeah,” he said.  “Go to sleep, woman.  We’ve got hours to go before morning.”

She nodded, and after a time, holding her son, she fell asleep.  InuYasha listened to the weather a long time after that, thinking about storms and family and sunshine after the rain, and how good it was not to face the darkness alone.

A/N: A Tengu is a type of youkai that has wings, and tend to be very wise and very good fighters, but they are noted for having incredibly long noses.
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