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So yesterday....

We were on the way to go to the facility where we work with our personal trainer.

Traffic had gotten very heavy.  The traffic was creeping down the hill, but we couldn't see why it was so slow.  I just assumed thy were working on the road or  something.   We were at an intersection, and the light turned green, but we couldn't clear the intersection yet, so we were waiting.

Suddenly, I heard a screech behind us, and then we got hit, and the car rolled forward.  A woman driving a firebird hadn't realized the traffic wasn't moving and had hit another car which hit us.  Firebird's hood and bumper got the worst of it, and the white car in the middle got a nice hole in her front from our trailer hitch, but we have no damage.

A little stiff today.  Hubby made us go to ER cause we have the coverage and he wanted to make sure we didn't get any hidden damage.  They took a bunch of xrays, saw nothing, reaffirmed I have a mildly strained neck muscle, treated my nausea. gave me prescriptions for things I already take.  But I woke up with a congested cough today and a headache. Neck still doesn't hurt very much, although the muscle still is a bit puffy.

Feel sorry for the lady with the firebird though...a moment's inattention.

Oh, and the reason the traffic was congested?  They were doing a  "Fill the Fireman's Boot" collection for Muscular Dystrophy.  There's something ironic in all that....Wonder if I can work this into a story....
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